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    About Us
    Shenzhen REYIpower electronics co., LTD., focusing on the switch power adapter, charger, mobile energy storage and development, production, sales and marketing enterprises, since its establishment in order to "quality" as the core, with "high quality" as the strategy, focusing on the development of power supply products, provide product covers the Small Appliances, Computer, Communication, and Comstomer Electronics and Car Electronics, and other market...
    Shenzhen reyipower electronics co., LTD. All rights reserved
    Telephone: + 86 (0) 755 29502990      Fax: + 86 (0) 755 29108955
    URL: www.yzcnfm.com  Address: Shenzhen BaoAn district Songgang town Dongfang road third house behind the Songgang middle school.